Harmonized cable

Standardization of European cable - DIN VDE 0281/DIN VDE 0282/DIN VDE 0292

Harmonized wire coding system

Harmonized wire coding system panel

Example: Harmonized type, 300/500V, PVC insulating, PVC sheath- cladding, Fine wire, 3x1.5 cross-sectional: H05VVF3x1.5

Standardization of American cable

Nomenclature Key

  • S: Service Grade (also means extra hard service when not followed by J, V, or P)
  • J: Hard Service
  • V: Vacuum cleaner cord (also light duty cable)
  • P: Parallel cord (also known as zip cord) ? Always light duty
  • E: Thermoplastic Elastomer (UL/NEC designation ONLY)
  • O: Oil Resistant*
  • T: Thermoplastic
  • W: Outdoor-includes sunlight resistant jacket and wet location rated conductors (formerly "W-A")
  • H: Heater cable
  • VW-1: Flame retardant
  • FT2: Flame retardant

Definitions of Cable Types

  • SVT: Thermoplastic insulated vacuum cleaner cord, with or without 3rd conductor for grounding purposes; 300V. (PVC)
  • SJT: Junior hard service, thermoplastic insulated conductors and jacket. 300V. (PVC)
  • SJTW: Same as SJT except outdoor rated. (PVC)
  • SJTO: Same as SJT but oil resistant outer jacket. (PVC)
  • SJTOW: Same as SJTO except outdoor rated. (PVC)
  • ST: Hard service cord with all thermoplastic construction, 600V. (PVC)
  • STW: Same as ST except outdoor rated. (PVC)
  • STO: Same as ST but with oil resistant outer jacket. (PVC)
  • STOW: Same as STO except outdoor rated. (PVC)